10 Questions with Kyle Ruby

February 7, 2020 by Siobhan Brown

We meet Kyle Ruby, the Farm’s new Site Manager.

How did you first hear about Stepney City Farm?

I actually never knew that Stepney City Farm existed until I got sent the job advert for my role by a friend who said it would be perfect for me. It appears the farm is a very well hidden gem!

I had been to other city farms (not as nice as here, obviously!) such as Mudchute, but I guess because Stepney is that little bit further from where I live, I hadn’t ventured this far. I’m very glad I got sent the job ad now though.

How long have you been working/volunteering here?

I have been working at Stepney City Farm now for nearly 3 months.

What made you want to work/volunteer here?

I wanted to work here for many reasons. The farm space and what it provides massively aligns with my personal interests, character and my desire to help others. I really like what the farm does for the local community by way of providing accessibility to open green space, education about animal welfare and the environment and a safe place for people to volunteer, visit and socialise.

What’s your favourite thing about Stepney City Farm?

My favourite thing about the farm is the sense of community that it creates. It really is like an extended family.

What have you learnt from your experience here?

I have learnt more about myself as an individual, but lots about animal welfare and the environment. I have also learnt that there are many contributing factors when trying to create a special space for people to enjoy, but when you get it right, the benefits are endless.

If there was one thing you could take home from the farm, what would it be?

I want to say Mimosa the goat, but I wouldn’t ever want her to be away from her natural habitat.

What do you recommend that other people try at the farm?

We have three great studios that offer classes – pottery, woodworking and painting. I would recommend giving one (or all) of those a try.

What are your favourite animals here?

All of them! But in particular I do have soft spots for Mimosa (the goat) and Mars (the pig)!

Is there anything you would like to see more of?

I would love to see more of the visitors interacting with the staff and providing any helpful feedback on ways we can improve our site and/or the visitor experience.

And finally, three words that describe the farm to you?

Buzzy, welcoming, inclusive.

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