10 Questions with Volunteer Alex


April 20, 2017 by Tori Flower

10 Questions With Our Wonderful Stepney City Farmers

We asked Alex, one of our fantastic Sunday volunteers 10 questions about what brought him to the Farm, and his thoughts on the Farm – and what he would recommend…

1. How did you first hear about Stepney City Farm? 

Shortly after I first moved to Stepney Green in November 2013. The farm is only five minutes’ walk from my front door, so I found it soon after exploring the area

2. How long have you been volunteering here?

I’ve been visiting the farm since I moved here, often going to the market on Saturday’s. I decided to give volunteering a try in February 2014 and I’ve been volunteering on Sunday’s ever since.

3. What made you want to become a volunteer here?

 I’ve always wanted to work with animals since a very young age. I thought what better way to mix that passion and doing something good for the community than to volunteer my time at the farm!

4. What is your favourite thing about Stepney City Farm?

The chicks.

5. What have you learnt from your experience here?

I have learnt everything from how to walk a goat to the delousing of chickens. The working experience is really varied.  Overall learning the integral aspects of animal care and gardening skills has been most valuable.

6. If there is one thing you could take home from the farm, what would it be?

A single lock from Gargle the Goat’s coat.

7. What do you recommend that other people could try at the Farm? 

I think the ‘secret’ is already out, but the food in the cafe is delicious and lovingly made. I highly recommend it!

8. What are your favourite animals here?

Aside from the chicks…I’d say the goats. Something about their mischievous nature makes them really fun animals to interact with.

9. Is there anything you would like to see more of?

I’d like to see the farm use more renewable electricity.

10. And finally, 3 words that describe the farm to you:

Oasis, community, sustainable



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