Chickens Ducks and Geese


We have a range of pure breed chickens: from the tall Indian Brahma to tiny Pekin Bantams, fluffy Buff Orpingtons and amazing green-egg laying Araucana.

The Farm also provides sanctuary and a comfortable home for ex-battery hens. The difference between new arrivals and those who have had a few months to regain their health is striking, and once fully recovered an ex-battery hen is able to provide many more years of delicious eggs which are sold through the Farm shop.

Newly arrived ex-battery hen (left), compared to her companion (right) after several months of rehabilitation.


A mixture of Campbell, Runner and Call ducks produce wonderful eggs which are great for baking. The ducks are always popular for handling with visitors and at events, and the rest of the time you will find them happily splashing about in the mud!


Our geese are very curious, and are probably the noisiest animals on the Farm! They’re a meat strain from Norfolk called Legarth. A goose egg is about the size of three chicken eggs: great for omelettes, and sometime available to buy at our Saturday Farmer’s Market.


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