All staff can be contacted at or 020 7790 8204


Clare Hawkins
Chief Executive
Monday – Friday



tom website


Tom Goody
Farmyard Manager

Sunday – Thursday

Contact for animal, and animal care volunteering enquiries



Colin Osborn
Animal Worker
Friday – Saturday



Siobhan Brown
Schools and Youth Officer
Thursday, Friday and Sunday
Communications Officer
Monday mornings
Stepney Greens Project Officer (to September 2020)
Monday afternoons and Wednesdays


Billy Styles
Food Grower / Horticulture Training & Development Lead
Tuesday – Saturday

Contact for food produce, garden volunteering, and allotment enquiries




Alex Collings
Youth Programme Manager
Tuesday and Thursday

Contact for Youth Programmes



Emmanuel Benedetti

Contact for finance and invoicing queries



Jala Haidar
Open Volunteer Coordinator and Greencare Lead
Tuesday and Thursday

Contact for Open Volunteering enquiries




Resident Artists

Jessica Joslin – Pottery and Ceramics
Barn the Spoon and The Green Wood Guild – Woodwork
Georgie Mason – Painting

Please contact the artists via their websites.


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