Animal updates February 2019

February 18, 2019 by Tor Park

We received 2 new nannies called Pop and Jazz; they are related to Cow (yes, we have a goat named Cow…) and so have a nice family herd going on. They are due to kid from 1st April (no joke!).
A fond farewell has been bid to our Toggenburg goats, who, now that they are too old for breeding, have gone to Buttercup goat sanctuary.
The Ryelands have been scanned as pregnant so they have been separated from the Soays and go in different fields and different barn pens, as they are also pregnant. Lambs could be from March onwards. 
Pigs are all getting on fine, and piglets are growing well.
The vet came to do the donkeys vaccinations and teeth and took a blood sample of both the boys and Dunstan is confirmed to have cushings (effects the pituitary gland in the brain and causes unbalance in the hormones thus causing health issues like too much/too little fat proportions, it effects the quality of the feet/hooves, it can also effect his immune system) he is on medication now and will have more regular updates with the vets. At 20 years old our boys are getting on in years!
Wizard is not hitting his weight loss target. It is in line with the Animal Policy not to overfeed the animals, and is really important that he is only fed by Farm staff (no matter how adorable he looks 😽).

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