Apple Donor Station – Until 1st October 2017

September 12, 2017 by Tor Park

Got an apple tree? And more apples than you know what to do with?

The Farm is now an Apple Donor Station for Hawkes, so drop them off with us!

Here is what Hawkes has to say…

We’re revolutionising the way cider is made.

At Hawkes, to create our Urban Orchard Cider, we blend unwanted, inner city apples with the finest country crops to produce a great-tasting cider that gives back. We regularly receive apples from community orchards, back gardens, city farms and many other places – helping us promote sustainability, encourage local food sourcing and fight food waste. Check out our website for all the latest information at 

We need you.

We’re big on community involvement. We want to engage our local community, and those further afield, and by becoming an #AppleDonor Station you can help. Last year, with the help of our Apple Donor stations we collected almost 16 tonnes of apples throughout the apple harvest. This year we plan on going even further with a dedicated Apple Donor weekend on Saturday 30th September  – Sunday 1st October 2017, collecting as many apples as we can over this weekend to spread the word.

What is an Apple Donor Station?

We are inspired by the Fairtrade model, and with this in mind, we’ll put your unwanted apples to good use and in return, you’ll receive 20% above the market price to re-invest into your community – simple! 

We need places within the community that facilitate donors coming together and collectively donating. Apple Donor Stations don’t need to grow any apples themselves and we’ll even collect them from you!

How does it work?

We will weigh your apples when we come to collect them and will pay you a premium of £300 per tonne (or £0.30 per kg) of apples as a donation to help your group or community develop in the future, and hopefully grow more apples. We prefer apples that are ripe and ready (if there are any you’re unsure about, please hand these to us separately).











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