Accessible tours

We are developing a range of accessible tours at the farm alongside work to improve the accessibility of the site for all visitors.  If you belong to a group who would like a specific guided tour to meet your accessibility needs please send an email to or call 0207 790 8204.

Visually Impaired Tours

Explore the smells, textures and sounds of the farm with a trained farmer to guide your group.  Visually impaired tours last for 1 hour and can be booked by emailing or by calling 0207 790 8204.  We suggest a donation of £1 per person for the tour.

“It was such an amazing day, and the tour we were given by the farm was really interesting and I feel the members really got a lot from it. The tour we were given is definitely something I would advise others to experience.”

East London Vision, March 2015


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