As a working farm we breed animals for sale at market to breeders or for meat. At Stepney City Farm, we aim to reflect sustainable mixed farming and our agricultural heritage rather than the industrial farms that now dominate.

Down on Stepney City Farm our menagerie of livestock extends from the traditional sheep and goats, to the rather less traditional guinea pigs: their babies are always popular with our visitors. Visitors of all ages like to buy pots of animal feed for Β£1 to give to the poultry and farm animals.

We approach animal care and welfare in a holistic way, ensuring we take care of the pasture as well as the animals and focusing on prevention not cure. We use the permaculture principles and farming knowledge of traditional small-scale farmers to better our practice.

It’s important that we aim for food security as well as keeping the rich genetic diversity in our native livestock. Conserving rare breeds works toward this.


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