Chickens (Gallus Gallus domesticus)

We have a variety of pure breeds: from the tall Indian Brahma to tiny Pekin Bantams, fluffy Buff Orpingtons and amazing green-egg laying Araucana.

Our ex-battery chickens give the Farm shop a regular supply of delicious eggs. Our latest group arrived at the beginning of November 2012: look at the difference between them and the old hands who took a few months to recover from their former life but are now lovely and healthy in their comfortable home.

Ducks (Anatidae anseriformes)

yellow duckling A mixture of Campbell, Runner and Call ducks produce wonderful eggs which are great for baking. The ducks are always popular for handling with visitors and at events.

Geese (Anser domesticus or Anser cygnoides)

Our geese are probably the noisiest animals on the Farm. They’re a meat strain from Norfolk called Legarth. A goose egg is about the size of three chicken eggs: great for omelettes.


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