Animal Enrichment Programme 2018

Our new Animal Assisted Activities Programme for 18-60 year olds, facilitated by the Furry Tales team, explores the simultaneous enrichment of our own lives and those of our farm animals.

Suitable for those who may be vulnerable to isolation loneliness, or experience anxiety or lack of confidence; clients benefit from having contact and interaction with nature and animals, in the tranquil setting of Stepney City Farm.

A series of indoor and outdoor animal-based workshops, featuring rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, chickens and donkeys will incorporate animal observation and handling; reflection; group discussion; problem-solving; and creativity. Various aspects of ‘enrichment’ will be considered each week.

Practical, outdoor activities will implement the ideas generated, and allow participants to experience the positive impact on the animals’ quality of life first hand.


Six weeks, two hours a week:

  • One hour animal observation and handling
  • 45 minutes of practical farm tasks geared towards enriching the quality of life of the animals
  • 15 minutes of refreshments


Week 1: Introduction and overview

Week 2: Environment, Security & Shelter: featuring Guinea Pigs

Week 3: Exercise, Engagement & Connections: featuring Rabbits

Week 4: Esteem & Well-Being: featuring Donkeys & Ex-Battery Hens

Week 5: Entertainment & Fun: featuring Ferrets

Week 6: Evaluation and reflections


£15 per session

£80 for a 6 week course

Maximum of 10 participants. Fees cover all materials and refreshments.


Bookings are now open for February 2018 for individuals or service providers; for more information contact or Jane on 07941 419 783

This programme builds upon the popular and successful Furry Tales’ model of Animal Assisted Activities for elders, as featured in the nation press



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