Permaculture Courses

New Course Date:

Introduction to Permaculture 29th – 30th October 2016, led by Kevin Mascarenhas

Cost: £140 for the weekend with concession places available at £90 by arrangement

To book a place please visit Natural Flow

‘Seeking practical solutions for a more sustainable lifestyle?’

Permaculture Design Process

Permaculture uses whole system thinking to consciously create productive environments that mimic the diversity, stability and resilience of natural systems. With these techniques we can design for abundance, enjoy superior health and wellbeing, and empower ourselves towards more sustainable choices. Attending this two day introduction to permaculture course, you will learn about:

  • the ethics and principles of permaculture
  • useful design methods
  • observation skills
  • tackling a real design problem
  • how to apply these techniques to design your own urban systems

Our teaching style will be lively, participatory and thought provoking. We hope that you will come away empowered and inspired to create your own meaningful solutions.


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