Farm produce on sale summer 2017

August 16, 2017 by Tor Park

Londoners have long been spoilt for choice between brunch spots and dinner options however, when it comes to ethically sourced local produce, it can be a little more difficult to know where to start. Stepney City Farm’s Plant and Farm Shops play host to a whole range of sustainable options, from seasonal fruit to herbal teas made with farm-grown herbs.

We currently have a varied mix of ingredients for you to experiment with, regardless of your level of culinary experience. For a simple accompaniment to any meal, stir fry some of our chard and garlic (all you need to do is chop up the stalks, rip up the leaves and add a little lemon juice).

Alternatively, pick up some of our mixed salad and cucumbers for a refreshing side dish.

You’ll also find courgettes, potatoes and French beans, as well as Stepney City Farm raised pork for any meat eaters (it’s in the freezer, please ask in the shop). If you’re still hungry then we have raspberries, which are a great starting point for a summer’s dessert.

Whilst you’re here, take a moment to peruse the Plant Shop, where you’ll learn just how versatile flowers can be (as well as having medicinal properties, did you know that calendulas also double up as a snack, with their edible petals?).  We have large chilli plants which are just starting to produce fruit – pop them in a sunny spot to ripen for some spice!  We are also selling plants for your autumn winter garden – chard, beetroot, endives and kale that you can plant now.

Fancy trying your hand at growing your own produce but don’t have a garden? Our herbs can be kept on a window sill, to add something extra to your cooking – currently we have thai basil, coriander and parsley.

Next time you’re in need of recipe inspiration come and take a look at our latest offerings. Our stock is seasonal and so it does vary however you can always be certain that your purchase is supporting a local farm or supplier. Eating fresh, sustainable food may be easier than you thought!

The farm shop is open Tuesday- Sunday.

Here are a few dishes made by our very own Shelagh using Farm produce…yum!

Raspberry and blackberry pavlova

Cucumber pickle

French bean and tomato salad

Golden Detroit beetroot salad

Grilled courgette and feta salad


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