Farm Produce

Goat meat and lamb will be available to buy in the cafe from Tuesday 26 November.

This year we have meat from  Boer ( a stocky South African meat breed) and Anglo Nubian (a very tall breed of goat) cross breeds. This should provide us with larger, juicy cuts.

The lamb is from Soay Ryelands cross breeds.

Both our lamb and goat meat are Halal.

Meat from our pure Soay lambs and Berkshire pigs will be available in February or March.

For fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers: ask for Billy on Saturdays, or Tom and Tiffany on Sundays

Fresh eggs (chicken, duck and goose) are available every day on a first-come first-served basis. Fruit, vegetables and salad are available to buy on weekends.

We occasionally sell Pearly Queen honey from the Farm’s bee hives.

In Spring and Summer you can buy beautiful flowers from the Farm picked to order. Ask for Billy or Tiffany, who will be able to help you.

Don’t miss our fledgling Plant Shop, and check out what’s growing on the Farm in our Growers’ Corner.


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