Farm Produce

We are now offering produce boxes for local people to collect from the Farm.

Each box contains a selection of fresh seasonal produce varying from week to week.

Each box costs £5. Pay and order for collection in our Online Shop.

Orders are for collection between 11am-12pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

We are also offering growing starter sets.

You can check out what’s growing on the Farm in our Growers’ Corner.

We are currently harvesting:
Chard – stalks generally take longer to cook than the leaves
Kale – dark green with a slightly cabbage flavour
Spinach – sweeter in flavour and wilts down very quickly
Spanish Spinach – Purple and slightly crystal-like surface
Lettuce – Deer tongue, Purple sword, Oak leaf, Marvel: all nutty in flavour
Vivid choi – a purple mustard green; good for soups, salads and stir fries
Mizuna – frills of light green mustard leaves; good for soups, salads and stir fries
Fat hen – spinach-like leaves, crystal-like surface to leafs
Shungiku/crown daisy/Edible chrysanthemums – aromatic leaf and edible flowers
Broad bean tops – soft tender shoots at the top of the bean; good for soups, salads and stir fries
Goose foot – similar to fat hen with an amazing pink colouring
Green purslane – succulent herb
3 corner leek – easily identified, more subtle garlic flavour with refreshing crunch
Garlic Chives – more similar to a spring onion
Wild garlic – thin stems and broad leaves, great for pesto
Chickweed – Climbing thin crunchy stems, great for a salad
Claytonia – succulent herb
Mint – added kick to a salad
Rocket – added kick to salad
Nasturtium – added kick to salad

Stepney City Farm reared pork, goat meat and lamb is also available to buy and collect

Pork from our Berkshire pigs is now available to buy from the online shop. We have chops, sausages and selection of other cuts available.

We also have goat meat from our Boer/Anglo Nubian cross breeds.

The lamb is from our Soay Ryelands cross breeds.

Both our lamb and goat meat are Halal.

Order in the online shop and collect any day 11am-12pm by arrangement with



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