“Stepney Greens” veg boxes

During the Summer growing season, our Stepney Greens scheme provides a weekly supply of delicious greens, direct from the Farm.

Participants pay one lump sum when they join the scheme, and then pick up a weekly bag of veggie treats: 3 items including mixed salad, cooking greens, and other produce depending what’s in season – for example, a portion of mixed tomatoes, green beans, herbs, cucumbers, or courgette.

“It made me eat a lot more greens. I enjoyed that someone else/the seasons decided what veg I was going to eat that week. It was also nice knowing it came from so near to home. It made me cook with things I wouldn’t normally buy…I would find recipes to fit what was in my bag that week. Which is obviously better because then it’s seasonal!  Without the veg bag, I would probably have spent a lot more money in supermarkets in order to have organic stuff. I think it’s made me think a lot more about what I’m eating and where it’s coming from.”

To enquire about joining the scheme in 2018 email growing@stepneycityfarm.org

Please note: over the Summer we sell loads of different fruit and veg direct from the farm anyway, and if it’s run out you can come and find Shelagh in the garden on Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday, and she’ll pick it for you.

Farm Shop

We have our fruit and veg in the Farm Shop for sale as much as possible – especially on the weekends – so come and see what we have available. May harvests include salad, chard, whole butter head lettuce, herbs (picked to order), spinach and rhubarb.

Other veg boxes in Tower Hamlets

organicbox3Tower Green Hamlets is a veg box scheme in Tower Hamlets which you can pick up from our Farm and promises to bring affordable, local and seasonal organic fruits and vegetables to the borough.

The main supplier is Perry Court, located in Garlinge Green, about 5 miles south-west of Canterbury in Kent and only an hour or so away from Tower Hamlets. Perry Court also has a stall at our Farmers market every Saturday 11am-3pm.


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