Feed the lambs

April 17, 2018 by Tor Park

Support the Farm and get a little closer to what life is like as a farmer on a working farm by feeding the lambs, £6 per bottle feed.

The course of nature doesn’t always run smooth, and sadly one of our sheep died shortly after giving birth. This left us with a little Ryland lamb that needs to be bottle fed.

To keep him company we have taken some Romney Cross orphan lambs, and they all need bottle feeding.

Bottle fed lambs are not taken away from their mothers willingly – it typically costs farmers more to rear orphan lambs than they will make in return, but if a ewe dies, or has health problems (e.g mastitis) then the lambs may have to be hand reared; if a ewe has triplets  one lamb may need bottle feeding to prevent all three going hungry, because she only two teats.

If you would like to help with this, please sign up in the café – you can sign up and pay a week in advance for either the 12:30pm or 3:45pm feed. There are three bottles available to book per session, so if you fancy yourself as a farmer get your session booked next time you visit 🙂


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