Green Flag Award Winner


October 17, 2016 by Tori Flower

green-flag-award-logo-colour-jpegThe Farm is proud to announce we have been awarded a community Green Flag Award, scoring 80+, the highest band available.

Here is what they had to say about us:

“This community award is well-deserved in all aspects – an amazing example of an operational city farm in the heart of a very mixed urban community. Those who manage and maintain this site should be highly praised and commended.”

Field Assessment Comments

Welcoming – A very welcoming site with clear signage from the street – a pleasant environment leading to the main entrance building

Signage – A range of signs and information on the front boundary fence – signed entrance from all areas on boundary fences

Equal access for all – Everybody can access the site easily with an open invitation during opening hours

Graffiti and vandalism – A very good management regime for all aspects

Conservation of landscape & historic features – Some very good investments have been made in the historic features on the site

Litter – An excellent approach to a litter-free site and waste management in all areas

Promotion of green space / project – Well-marketed for all aspects of the necessary and vital operations as well as general fundraiser events etc.

Good and safe access – A readily accessible site for all – from secure on-street

Safe equipment and facilities – A wide range of appropriate facilities and training equipment for everyone – a really incredible operational city farm

Appropriate level of facilities – An excellent range of facilities for all

Dog fouling – The site is completely free from dog fouling

Maintenance – Very good levels of maintenance and landscape operations for a variety of ecological, horticultural and bio-diversity habitats

Peat use – Very good policies and aspirations

Pesticide use – as above

Sustainable materials used – An excellent approach to all matters relating to a self-sustaining lifestyle – as well as an educational offer on all aspects

Waste recycling and minimisation – Some very good operations, ambitions and aspirations – generally, the site approaches these aspects well

Conservation of biodiversity – A wide range of opportunities from an incredible example of a true city farm

Links to the wider community – Excellent links to the widest possible community opportunities

Involvement in decision making – A very democratic arrangement in all areas

Involvement in operations – An enormous range of volunteering opportunities in all areas of the operations

Appropriate provision for the community – Excellent provision all round

Innovation and creativity – Some incredibly rewarding and necessary opportunities for those less fortunate in society – working well with local NHS etc.

Resources secured / used – Very good approach to all aspects


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