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May 4, 2018 by Tor Park

We have our fruit and veg in the Farm Shop for sale as much as possible – especially on the weekends – so come and see what we have available.

September 2018

Check out these juicy grapes! 

Stepney City Farm Grapes 

We’ve also been selling some of our leafy greens and salad to local restaurants (where it has been reviewed as “an exemplary green salad with quite spiky personality”) and veg boxes.

Wholesale to restaurants


August 2018

We are now in high season with the fruiting crops (that have benefitted from the heat) producing in abundance and we’ve been told on good authority that our courgettes are as good as those they normally import from Italy!

Farm grown courgettes from Stepney City Farm

Tomatoes are also doing well

Farm grown tomatoes at stepney city farm

And we have cut flowers to pick to order

Fresh cut flowers available at Stepney City Farm

Anything leafy is coping less well, so our mixed salad has pretty much stopped, because the summer staple, lettuce just bolts in high heat. 

Chard is still going as we are watering it daily, but it is still trying to bolt.

Sowing of overwinter salad, which should be happening now, is having to be delayed as it’s too hot for seeds to germinate. Hey ho… 

In news of who else we have been working with, we have started to take used coffee grounds from Exmouth Coffee in Mile End, which we will compost. And for those of you that use the Tower Green Hamlets box scheme (which has a pick up point here at the Farm), we have started to supply them too!

We are turning all the small beds in the main field into one big growing space, and this has been done with a huge amount of help from the Corporate groups under the guidance of Charlie, and some amazing work by our volunteers. Thank you to everyone for their hard work

The second round of the traineeship is in full swing under the guidance of Elizabeth.

And finally, we are all looking forward to celebrating all the wonderful fruit and veg grown on the farm – as well as all the other things the farm does – at our Harvest Festival on 23rd September!

June 2018

So much growing at the Farm at the moment, salad (fresh to you with zero miles flown – did you know salad often flies around the world to get to the UK? And it has to be refrigerated for the journey, all in all not too brilliant for our planet) and lovely tomatoes.

Inside polytunnel at Stepney City Farm

Growing salad at Stepney City Farm Growing in the poly tunnel at Stepney City Farm

Tomato tomato tomato!

If you haven’t been to the Farm Plant Shop recently you are missing out on these totally terrific tomato plants.

Thought for the day: Knowledge is understanding that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

May 2018

May harvests include salad, chard, whole butter head lettuce, herbs (picked to order), spinach and rhubarb.

November 2017

When it’s late autumn in the garden the produce slows right down and we move to clearing, raking, seed saving, planting and planning for spring!  Thanks to our lovely polytunnels we can grow salad leaves through most of the cold season, but we’ll give them (and our cold fingers) a rest in january… We’ve also shared some seasonal treats with the cafe – look out for a medlar concoction coming up in the puddings. Never heard of medlars? They are a fascinating, weird looking and yummy tasting fruit, commonplace in medieval times and out of favour now, but delicious once you put the work in…they need to be picked unripe and ‘bletted’ until they are soft, and once you pick out the stones and skin they taste like gooey toffee apples. Heaven! According to this article they are getting back in fashion…

We have also been planting lovely spring bulbs all over the farm, a bit of bright colourful hope to hold in our minds over the cold winter, and sowing broad beans and garlic, those wonderful plants which unusually you can plant at this time of year.

Another great autumn task is raking and collecting leaves! If you have some room in your garden or shed you can use this fallen gold to make your own Leaf Mulch – just pop a load of leaves in a tied up bin bag with a few holes punched in the sides for airflow – leave for a couple of years and you’ll have a lovely delicate compost to use for seed sowing or to condition your soil.

Remember you can get in touch with us if you have any questions or queries about growing in your garden or ours!


September 2017 

Lovely leaves available at the Stepney City Farm Plant Shop

In the garden we are preparing the beds (and ourselves!) for the changing season. You can still grow loads of delicious food into the winter and beyond, so we are planting out the beds with delicious winter salads plants which you can buy in the plant shop for your own patch.

Kale is a winter staple – we have different varieties such as Cavolo Nero and Red Russian, and you can pick the leaves small for a salad mix or grow them big for cooking. Same applies to Chard – that year round favourite. These, along with all leafy greens are super good for you, full of iron and calcium to power you up.

And now a word from the lettuce family…winter sees the amazing sharp and sophisticated flavours of Chicory and Endive – slightly bitter leaves (great for the digestion, and also great to grow as the slugs don’t seem to like them!).  Most varieties are Italian, so we have wonderful names like Pancallieri, Palla Rossa, Grumolo Verde, Catalogna Frastagliata.

To learn more about these wonderful leaves check out this article and some recipe ideas

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