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September 12, 2017 by Tor Park

September 2017 

Lovely leaves available at the Stepney City Farm Plant Shop

In the garden we are preparing the beds (and ourselves!) for the changing season. You can still grow loads of delicious food into the winter and beyond, so we are planting out the beds with delicious winter salads plants which you can buy in the plant shop for your own patch.

Kale is a winter staple – we have different varieties such as Cavolo Nero and Red Russian, and you can pick the leaves small for a salad mix or grow them big for cooking. Same applies to Chard – that year round favourite. These, along with all leafy greens are super good for you, full of iron and calcium to power you up.

And now a word from the lettuce family…winter sees the amazing sharp and sophisticated flavours of Chicory and Endive – slightly bitter leaves (great for the digestion, and also great to grow as the slugs don’t seem to like them!).  Most varieties are Italian, so we have wonderful names like Pancallieri, Palla Rossa, Grumolo Verde, Catalogna Frastagliata.

To learn more about these wonderful leaves check out this article and some recipe ideas


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