How Brexit might effect our food and farming: One perspective from a farm blogger


May 2, 2017 by Tori Flower

Olives on sale at Stepney City Farm's farmers market

Olives on sale at our farmers market

Eating well can feel like a challenge at the best of times. Some barriers, such as a busy lifestyle, aren’t surprising however the latest threat to our diet may come as a bit more of a shock.

According to a recent article by Joanna Blythman, Brexit may well trigger a series of decisions that could drastically change what happens to our food before it reaches the supermarket shelves. Whilst politics will always influence the food market, it seems that many of the safety measures we take for granted are up for debate as new trade links with America are considered.

Joanna warns that banned pesticides (including a possible carcinogen) could be making an appearance in our food, along with genetically modified ingredients and food additives. The article paints a worrying picture in which food lacks clear labelling, pesticide levels are at an all-time high and questionable practices (such as using chlorine to wash chicken) become the norm. As Joanna points out, Americans can only confidently steer clear of genetically modified ingredients by sticking with organic purchases and only eating food they’ve cooked themselves. So what does this mean for us in Britain?

At Stepney City Farm
    Our farmers market is open 11am-3pm every Saturday

Our farmers market is open 11am-3pm every Saturday

Whilst we can’t predict what’s going to happen to our food in the next few years, we do believe that buying local produce is a great way of maintaining control of your diet.

Our weekly farmer’s market sells a plethora of locally sourced, organic food for you to enjoy safe in the knowledge that you’re not ingesting any nasty chemicals.

Many of our stall holders make a weekly appearance and so it’s never been easier to ensure your cupboards are stocked with fresh produce and treats, regardless of what’s happening elsewhere.

Our farmers market is open 11am-3pm every Saturday

Jennifer Hastings, volunteer


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