Grow Your Own Sandwich project

wateringIn 2013 we branched out for the first time into grain farming! Inspired by Sustain and The Real Bread Campaign’s success with the Bake Your Lawn project, we worked in partnership with a local school, Ben Jonson, to follow the journey of bread from seed to plate! A year two class came to the farm in April to sow the seeds, returning over the summer to admire the growing wheat.

Twhole classhe wheat was harvested on a beautiful sunny day in August, then the class returned in October to thresh, winnow and mill the grain into lovely Stepney flour.germinated wheat

cutting wheatSAM_3336We baked the flour into delicious rolls and ate them with jam, savouring the six months of work and growing that had gone into them. As a teacher we worked with said at the end of the project ‘I’ll never look at a piece of bread the same way again!’

SAM_3359We have run the project again each year, working with Ben Jonson again and additionally with Osmani and Bangabandhu.


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