Back In Your Classroom

Loved your trip to the farm? Got inspired to do more? Here are some ideas based on the session you did or curriculum area:

1. Farm Tour – Reflect on your trip with these two farmy writing frames, one blank and one with support.  For upper KS2, learn more about our smallest farm animal with this Big Writing Frame on bees.  For KS1, try our Activities Pack for fun crosswords, spelling pictures, and ‘farm or zoo’ quiz!

2. Farm to Fork workshop – Have a look at our farm-to-fork-extension with lots of exciting extra activities and resources. As well as the resources above, how about growing part of the children’s sandwich in your classroom (lettuce and tomatoes work well), or go all-out and grow the bread too! Here’s how.

3. Plants, food growing & gardening – Download our plants-food-growing-gardening-learning-extensions . Your students can definitely look after some plants in the classroom now, but is there an area outside they could take on as a growing club? Here’s some practical guidance.

4. Use it Again! Waste & Cycles –  Think you know about the 3 Rs? Try the 6Rs! Also there are lots more activities and resources linked to the workshop here: Use-it-again-extensions.

5. Habitats! Homes for plants and animals To continue your learning back in the classroom look at our habitats-learning-extensionsUse this Big Writing Frame the discover the impact of destroying bees’ habitats.

6. Animal Teeth & Feed – Ask your class to design their own top trumps game based on the animal’s teeth

ENGLISH/LITERACY: Have you tried our writing frames; blank, support, and KS2 extension?

DSC_5153For creative writing, some teachers have used the ideas of “Gargle the goat’s night-time adventures” and “my life as a seed”.

Or how about trying our KS1 Activities Pack for fun crosswords, spelling pictures, and ‘farm or zoo’ quiz!


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