Nursery schools

Our tours and workshops for nursery age children are more informal than our KS1 workshops and involve more exploratory/multisensory learning. We work with a number of local Nursery Schools close to the farm site and are keen to work with more! Stepney City Farm can offer you individual services or can work with your school to develop a year long programme of activities.

Booking a visit

We are nearly fully booked for the summer term 2019. Please call the office on 020 7790 8204 to discuss availability.

The farm is often in high demand but we’re a small site and our maximum capacity is 30 children. Please get in touch with our Education Team if you would like to visit with your class for self-guided tours, guided tours or workshops.

To book, call the office on 0207 790 8204 on Wednesday and Thursday and ask to speak to Siobhan. Alternatively, take a look at our information pack, complete a booking form and email it to

Guided Farm Tour (45mins- 1 hour)

Chicken_handling_Stepney_city_FarmShowing children around the farm, introducing them to the different animals and exploring the different food growing on site. There will be opportunities for the children to handle some of our small animals.

Learning Objectives
Being able to name the different animals that live on the farm; Understanding how to behave responsibly around animals.

£1 per child, but no school turned away for lack of funds

Maximum 15 children (nursery)

Animal Workshops (1 hour)

Stepney city farm goatA more in-depth look at the animals living on the farm. Each session is made up of a mixture of classroom discussion, walking around the farm and hands-on-activities. This can cover all of the different animals on the farm or focus on a specific animal and children’s story. Here are some examples of the sessions we run regularly:

Introduction to farm animals: Animals at the farm, baby animals, animal sounds, animal feed

Baby Animals: Focus on meeting and naming animal babies

Life cycle of a chicken: Focus on eggs and chickens, naming hens, cockerels and chicks.

Food from the farm: Finding out about the different foods we grow and rear on the farm (best in Spring/Summer/Autumn)

Three little pigs: Encountering and naming different building materials on the farm and meeting & feeding our pigs.

Three Billy Goats Gruff: Meeting and feeding the goats on the farm and making links to the traditional story.

Learning Objectives
To understand what different farm animals are called, what they look like, what noises they make, where they live and what they eat; How farm animals and plants provide for people’s needs; What the different parts of the farm are used for.

£70+VAT for 1 hour workshop

Maximum 15 children

Gardening Workshops (1 hour)

Our plastic bottle greenhouse was built by Primary School classes and houses lots of yummy plantsA more in-depth look at the plants growing on the farm, what they need in order to grow and what they provide us with. The specific topic can be tailored to your needs but always involves a mixture of discussion, games and practical activity.

Here are some examples of the sessions we run regularly:

Seasonal change: observing and interacting with the indicators of seasonal change. Planting tulips bulbs for Spring, raking leaves, sowing seeds etc

Sensory tour: finding, smelling, tasting, listening to and feeling different intriguing plants on the farm

Food from the farm: identifying a variety of fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices from the farm and helping to look after them


Learning Objectives
To be able to name some of the plants growing on the farm; To better understand where food comes from; To better understand what a seed requires in order to grow into a strong, healthy plant.

£70+VAT for 1 hour workshop

Maximum 15 children


Stepney City Farm Packages for Nursery Schools

Over the past few years we have developed long term relationships with a number of schools within Tower Hamlets whereby we formalise a package of services over the course of a year. These are specifically tailored to the schools needs.

Download the example farm package document below for an example of what this could include. Example Farm Package

For more information about any of the above, to organise a visit to the farm or to discuss the possibility of us developing a package with your school, please contact


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