Incubator Project


This project is only available to Tower Hamlets schools, or schools that are a short distance away from the farm.

We provide the equipment, resources and support so that you can hatch chicks or ducklings in your classroom. It’s an engaging project for learners for all ages and abilities. The farm is particularly keen to work with teachers at KS1 and KS2.

How to book

Booking is simple. Download the booking form here, fill it in and send to

Once we’ve set the dates for your start-of-project and end-of-project lessons, We’ll send you an invoice. Your booking will be confirmed on receipt of payment.

About the package

The incubator project includes:

2 x lessons/support sessions. The first to meet the class, introduce the project and help you set up; the second to consolidate their learning and pick up the chicks to bring back to the farm

Information pack giving care instructions, advice and contact details for tech support

Hire of the incubator(s). fertilised eggs to hatch plus a brooder, heat lamp and chick feed

Extended learning resources. We’ll give you worksheets and images on a USB stick

Charges for the package are as follows:
1 incubator £250.00+VAT
2 incubators £350.00+VAT
3 incubators £450.00+VAT

Important information

Teachers taking part should be aware that:

This is a 4 or 5 week project. 21 days for the eggs to hatch + 7 days before we take the chicks back.

The eggs need looking after. You will need to keep an eye on the temperature, humidity and development of the eggs for 3 weeks.

The eggs must be turned 3 times a day from the 2nd day until the 19th day. We will show you and the children how to do this.

The eggs need to be looked after on weekends. You will either have to arrange for someone to come in and turn the eggs on weekends, or arrange for the eggs and incubator to be safely transported to a nearby house.

The chicks will need to be looked after. You will need to ensure they have food, water and clean bedding for the last week of the project.

We will take the chicks back to the farm at the end of the project (unless otherwise arranged)



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