Booking a visit

The farm is often in high demand but we’re a small site and our maximum capacity is 30 children. Please get in touch with our Education Team if you would like to visit with your class for self-guided tours, guided tours or workshops.

To book, call the office on 0207 790 8204 (Tuesday – Friday) and ask to speak to Tiffany. Alternatively, take a look at our information pack, complete a booking form and email it to

Our tours and workshops for Reception are more informal than our KS1 workshops and involve more exploratory/multisensory learning.


Guided Farm Tour 45 mins – 1.5 hours depending on group. An understanding of what is produced on a farm and how; how farm animals and plants provide for people’s needs, and what the different parts of the farm are used for. Suggested donation of £40. (However no school turned away for lack of funds)
Farm to Fork: Food Systems 1.5 hours Understanding that all food comes from a plant or an animal, and that fruit and vegetables grow in the ground. Understanding that food is imported from all around the world as well as growing here. FREE to Tower Hamlets state schools (£100+VAT to others)
Plants, food growing & gardening 1.5 hours Understanding what plants need to grow, and that we eat different parts of the plant. Practical experience of a seasonal gardening activity FREE to Tower Hamlets state schools (£100+VAT to others)
Use it Again! Waste & Cycles 1.5 hours Understanding that most rubbish goes to Landfill & how recycling & reusing can help the environment. Understanding that food waste can be composted, & that worms help to break it down. FREE to Tower Hamlets state schools (£100 to others)
Introduction to Farm Animals 1.5 hours Understanding which animals live on the Farm, what they need to stay healthy . £100+VAT
Lifecycle of a Chicken 1.5 hours An understanding of a chicken’s needs, the different stages in their life cycle and the differences between males and females. £100+VAT
Animal Teeth and Feed 1.5 hours An understanding of how animals obtain their food from plants and other animals. £100+VAT



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