“One of the sure fire ways of losing a chef is to cut his celery”


July 7, 2016 by Tori Flower

Reb from the cafe’s latest musings…


“One of the sure fire ways of losing a chef is to cut his celery”

Dissapointed by that pun?

Brilliant, now nothing else I write will be as awful as that!

Hey gang, its Reb again with another instalment of the Café Blog.

Summer is finally here and i’m sure you lovely people are glad to be shot of the weather waking up in the morning and being indecisive – I mean, I’ve never really been a fan of sunlight or the heat (As photo sensitivity runs in my family) but everyone tells me its fantastic weather, so it must be!

I’m sure all the parents out there are “Looking Forward” to the kids summer holidays… Well, we actually are looking forward to them here at the farm!

(And not a single air quote in sight!)

But, on the topic of holidays its only fair to give you guys a heads up about next week: Christina (well, all of us, really…) has been working really hard since she took over as the Cafe’s chef and I doubt anyone can give a good reason why she doesn’t deserve a holiday!

So, next week, she’s leaving on a jet plane!

But we do actually know when she’ll be back, which sort of spoils the segueway into the song… Ah well.

The Café will still be open and still be running as normal though – I can’t promise that Amy and I won’t be running around like headless chickens trying to keep up with being down a member of staff, but we’ve done it before and by jove, we’ll do it again!

You lovely lot will be “Happy” to know that only one of my dishes for next week will have a silly name. Anarchy! Woo! Carefully planned out, organised Anarchy!




Speaking of Organisation, Amy and I have finally decided to step up to the plate again and run another pop up. Since we’re massive nerds, it will once again have a theme.

“The Ugly Duckling: A Vegan Tale in 3 Courses”

Oh, and for those of you who were at the last one… Don’t worry. We’ve learnt our lesson about trying to kill people by feeding them ‘Too Much’ cake at the end of the night.

I’ll just have to think of another way to usurp control of the world.

We’ve currently bookmarked the 17th of September as the day we’d like to run it, but as always until we’ve for definite sorted it out that’s not a guarantee.

On top of that, we’re pulling our socks up and are going to give Board Game Night another go. The current plan is for the 20th of August, but once again that date is not set in stone until we start plastering posters everywhere we can.

And by everywhere, I mean ‘Learn to check your backs for posters if I give you a friendly pat on the back’


Tatty Byes!


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