Plants and Produce for Sale!


March 9, 2017 by stepneycityfarm


We want to help you to eat and grow more delicious fruit and vegetables! Our farm shop will be selling fresh produce throughout the seasons, boosted by our new growing team Shelagh and Hannah, and our amazing volunteers. Currently we have Pak Choi, Jerusalem artichokes and chard. And over the seasons stock will include summer tomatoes and cucumbers, autumn pumpkins and raspberries, and winter kale and purple mustard! And you can expect delicious mixed salad all year round. Pop in wednesdays to sundays, 10-4 to visit the shop, within our wonderful cafe. If you’d like to receive a weekly email telling you what produce is currently available in the shop, (as it varies according to the season) get in touch on the address below.

We’re also launching our new and improved Plant Shop to help you green your patio, balcony, windowsill or garden, and make it even easier for you to get your (newly recommended) ten a day of fruit and veg. Our Plant shop Launch will be happening on Sunday April 16th, as part of our Easter Fun Day. Following that, plants will be for sale wednesdays to sundays, (with growers available for advice on weds, thurs and sun). We can even grow seedlings to order for your community group or school garden, so get in touch! or ask for Shelagh or Hannah at the farm.


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