Redecorating the cafe

January 19, 2015 by Tori Flower

Over Christmas our site manger Katharine along with Joe, Amy, Paul, Tori, Tara, Simon, Terry and Barn these made our café look lovely and new.
The reason for the changes and new design was to make the café brighter, much more cosy and easier to hold event evenings. Terry chose the stripes, Joe chose the colour scheme. Katharine chose the animal stencils.
With everyones hard work and late nights to get it completed it took just over a week to finish.
We are still in the process of getting new furniture, for example new tables and cushions.
Katharines favourite part was taking charge of the new lighting design, which are made from old milk bottles, and our new animal print wall stencils.
All the paint used was organic.
We also have a new leaflet section which Amy was in charge of creating, which is lovely and organised so visitors and the public can find them at the end of our café.
When your popping down to our farm feel free to come and see our lovely new café and enjoy our delicious foods.

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