Review of Café operations

September 4, 2018 by Clare Hawkins

We’re sad to announce that following careful consideration, the Farm Café will close in its current form from 5 November.


After several years of trying, we have been unable to create a self-sustaining business model for the Café, and its running has had an impact on the funds available to the Farm to further our charitable objectives. At this point we can’t responsibly justify opening for another Winter, when past results indicate that the Café is likely to sustain a further loss in this period.


We have had some fantastic and talented chefs through the Café since it opened in 2013, and it has been a delight to experience the culinary wonders achieved in the bijou kitchen using ethically and Farm-sourced ingredients. From bacon cured by hand, to homemade halloumi, to salad featuring edible flowers, to Reb’s barbecued pea burgers and Amy’s delicious cakes – not to mention the award-winning coffee! Each member of staff has put their individual stamp on the menu and has helped to make the space not only a welcome pitstop for Farm visitors, but a local destination in itself for a lazy coffee in the sun, or a delicious Sunday brunch. We’d like to thank each and every person who has contributed to its many successes.


We recognise that the Café represents a hub for our visitors, and that there may be some disappointment caused by the decision to close. We would like to reassure the local community that we will be exploring how the the Farm might be able to provide fresh, ethically and locally sourced refreshments on site in the future.


Thank you to all of our visitors and Café customers for your ongoing support.


Clare Hawkins

Chief Executive

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