Rural Arts

The Rural Arts Centre

The Rural Arts Centre, completed in 2013 at Stepney City Farm after three years’ planning and consultation, is a unique facility amongst all of London’s City Farms.

The Farm’s Rural Arts Centre aims ‘to preserve and promote those trades, crafts and arts which were once an intrinsic part of our daily lives but are now at risk of being lost from today’s society’. It hopes to achieve this through environment, observation, engagement and education.

The building provides dedicated workshop spaces occupied by three artists in residence practising three different crafts with historic and contemporary significance.The building has been designed specifically to allow visitors the opportunity to observe the artists whilst at work, each studio boasts large glass fronts to allow excellent viewing in complete safety. The Rural Arts Centre also houses a small dedicated Gallery space which provides opportunities for both ‘in house’ and non-resident artists to exhibit their work. If you are interested in exhibiting, please get in touch

The Rural Arts Centre has a fully working Pottery run by resident artist Jessica Joslin.  Barnaby ‘Barn the Spoon’ Carder takes the lead on woodwork at The Green Wood Guild.

Each resident artist is available for private and public commissions as well as for educational classes and courses. 

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