Stepney City Farm AGM announcement

April 17, 2020 by Clare Hawkins

Attention: Registered Members of Stepney City Farm (charity no. 1136448):

Members are cordially invited to an extraordinary Annual General Meeting (AGM), which will be held on 20 May 2020 at 7.30pm. Given the current external situation and enforced social distancing measures in place, the meeting will be held remotely. Under Charity Commission rules, Members must be able to see and hear each other at meetings, therefore the meeting will be by Zoom video conferencing call.

To confirm your attendance and to receive joining instructions, please email

If you plan to attend but do not have the facility to join the video conference call, please contact at your earliest convenience to discuss alternative arrangements.

This meeting has been called to approve a draft version of amended Articles for Stepney City Farm. There are some key changes to note:

– Under the new draft articles, point 28.1, only Trustees will continue to be governing Members of the charity; however, provisions have been made under point 30 for Associate Members. The background to this change is that we hold an extensive list of Members who have dropped out of contact and not engaged with the charity for a number of years; however, there is not currently the power in the Articles for these members to be removed. The new structure will allow better oversight of membership and remove the governance and decision-making risks posed by lapsed parties continuing to hold membership rights.

– In order to implement this change, it has also been necessary to amend two clauses in the Articles for which Charity Commission consent is required. These are minor and essentially administrative changes to the Trustee Benefit Clause and the Dissolution Clause. The only substansive change to these is that previously, Trustees were prohibited from buying goods from the Farm, and under the new Trustee Benefit clause, they will be able to buy goods from the Farm, under terms which are not preferential to any other customer.

To receive copies of the meeting agenda; the draft amended Articles of Stepney City Farm; the Resolutions to amend the Trustee benefit Clause and Dissolution Clause, please confirm your attendance at the meeting to

Please also note that as per Article 14 of the Articles of Association of Stepney City Farm, members are entitled to appoint a proxy at the AGM. Please contact for a Proxy form to nominate a proxy.

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