Stepney Meat

November 11, 2017 by Tor Park

Our lamb, goat meat and pork will be for sale in the cafe from Wednesday 15th November – in our new display freezer in the Farm Shop!

There will be leg, shoulder and belly joints for roasting, chops, steaks and more for stewing and curries. As ever the meat is high welfare, rare breed and as local as you can possibly get in London; plus the goat and lamb is Halal.

Buy now for your Sunday roast or Christmas dinner while stocks last, and please do let your friends and neighbours know.

Some interesting info about the different breeds…

Jacobs lamb is sought after for its tender ‘melt in the mouth texture’ that is tasty without being strong.

Soay lamb is leaner and more flavourful than supermarket lamb. This rare breed takes its name from the island of Soay in the remote St. Kilda group north west of Scotland

Toggenburg goat meat is lean and tender. The joints are delicious roasted and the cuts are great for stewing and curries.

We also still have some pork available 

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