Crafty Saturdays

11:00am – 3:00pm on the first Saturday of every month.

One of London’s best-kept secrets, our rural arts and crafts workshops are free to attend (no booking required) and explore a different activity each month.

Craft sessions are led by our resident rural artists here at the Farm and give you the chance to try a new skill – and take what you make home with you. If you have ever fancied trying your hand at blacksmithing, woodwork, pottery, knitting and more this is your opportunity!

All ages welcome (adults and children) but young children may not be able to take part, and those watching must do so from a safe distance away. Some activities are only suitable for 8 years+.

2015 Crafty Saturdays


6th June – More fun in the forge led by our brilliant blacksmiths

7th June – Not a Saturday, but it is the Big Lunch Big Birthday celebration! There will be cake decorating as part of the fun

4th July – Craft Festival Special, Pottery wheel & Wood

1st August – Fun with our resident knitters

5th September – Make face masks with the potters

3rd October – Make fire pokers in the forge

31st October – Halloween Special, wood-pumpkin carving, pottery-bug bowls & lanterns in the forge

7th November – Wood-conkers

5th December – Make pottery Christmas tree decorations


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