Crafty Saturdays

One of London’s best-kept secrets, our rural arts workshops are free for all-ages, from babies to grandparents. 11:00am – 3:00pm on the first Saturday of every month.

Shape a piece of metal

Saturday 2nd August, 11am-3pm, 8 years and upwards

Come and join our resident blacksmith Neil Stuart in the forge for a basic bang around on the Anvil to shape a piece of metal. This workshop will enable you to learn hammer control.

Lime bast bracelets

Saturday 6th September, 11am-3pm

Hosted by the institute of green woodwork, come and make your own bracelet form wood.

Big Draw

Saturday 4th October

Learn how to draw our farmyard animals, take part in our fun drawing quiz and much more.

Halloween and Bonfire night

Saturday 1st November

Lots of spooky goings on. Details to follow.

Craft your own Christmas

Saturday 6th December

Join our resident rural artist and make your own Christmas gifts, cards, wrapping paper and more.



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